How To Start A Blog That Will Earn

Many have earned online through blogging. Blogging can help you have the life you wanted – follow your passion and love in writing, inspiring readers, giving ideas, having control of your time while earning.

Starting a Blog is not an easy thing to do. You will have to things first for you build a blog that will surely help you to change your  life. So I will you tips on what are the basic things that you need to know.

Make Sure You Know What Will You Be Doing

Starting a blog is not a very simple thing as other says. But nothing will be hard if you have knowledge on what you will be doing. Before I started The Kazhual Living I have subscribed and read a lot of article and blogs on what are the things that you need to consider before running a blog. You can also enroll in online course bloggers will teach beginners step by step on what you should be doing on your website. You can find free courses online and there are also paid courses.

Decide The Niche You Will Be Focusing

If someone needed to know anything they mostly go online to search. The niche/content of your blog mostly depends on your passion. Those topics you are very interested with and can share your ideas to readers. Every bloggers main purpose in writing is to help people provide what they need and wanted to know. Please help to consider that your blog should not be focusing on you but on your readers. You can also share your experiences of your journey, this will give them inspiration to pursue.

Study The Technical Part

Well, this is not totally a very difficult part. But if you are totally “zero” idea with how the online things goes then you must focus to study the technical part of your blogging life. This part includes the basic things that you should need to know and have:

  • Domain & Hosting – you can choose been a free hosting or a self-hosted blog. Personally I recommend you to start with a self-hosted blog since you will have all the access and the ownership. You can check below Top Domain and Hosting Sites Service Provider  to start with.
  • Blogging Platform – I highly recommend to use as a start-up. It is a user-friendly platform and there are varieties of theme choices. There are also some blogging platforms which mostly are free for you to try on.
  • Email List – of course when your blogging you need to have readers. And if you want to have a reader that comes back, then you need a mailing list. This is a service in which your readers can subscribe to your newsletter for you to have a continuous connection with them.
  • SEO – This is a very essential part of your website which helps your posts to be easily captured in search engines. If you have built a powerful SEO you have a bigger chance to build an audience which brings you earnings.

Decide What Will Be Your Income Stream

The very most important aspect in blogging if you want to earn is to build your income stream. Income streams comes in variety of choices, this depends upon you. You can use below as guides to decide on what will be your income stream that will create a passive income.

  • Advertising Sites
  • Direct Advertising
  • Affiliate Marketing
  • Sell a Product
  • Online Courses
  • Sponsored Posts and Review
  • Premium Content

You Should Have A Vision

Running a website is not an easy task, you have to devote your time and study the important aspects that you needed. In order to have inspirations to the massive workload, you should have a vision. A vision on where you want your blog to be in the future. Who are those readers that you want inspire.

This will help you to push yourself on pursuing to write your posts.

So, in general nothing will happen until you started it. Nothing in this world comes easy, so you must also open yourself to learn and unlearn the things that you need to know. You must visualize, actualize in order for it to be realized.


How To Start An Extra Income That Will Lead To Full Time Income

We have been craving how can we have that extra money in our pocket on top of our fixed incomes. Having one source of income is good enough, but two or more income is the best.

So I have listed out some must try sidelines that have a very big chances to be your full time income source in the future. In this list you don’t have to invest a very large amount to start. Feel free to pick which you feel will click and suites you best.

1. Network Marketing or MLM Business

If your a person who wants to inspire and meet new types of people, this is for you.

In this business you don’t have to devote all your time – the most flexible part time you could ever have! Just spend 2-3 hours a day or any available time you have, attend training and meet-ups, then viola! Your on the go.The best part of this business is you have the chance to meet people, travel, enhance your communication and personality. And this is one of the best choice if you want a passive income to pour on your bank accounts.

Make sure to study first what kind of MLM you want to join – either near you or referred by a friend. Find the best compensation plan – binary is the best so far. And choose the company that gives a residual income in which you won’t do anything but to purchase a product for your consumption but you can earn points from the purchases of the person below you. There are also Online Networking company you can choose.

But above all this, I tell you there is no overnight success this needs also your effort to succeed in this business. Build your team leaders, and wait until your earning in every blink of your eye.

2. Start Writing A Blog

If you don’t have the guts to face and talk to people, then face your computer and start typing.

There have been many writer or home based income earners who earned a lot in blogging and posting contents online. No need to leave the comfort of your own home. You just have to find the best idea from your mind for what you love to share online. It can be your travel experiences, life coaching, fashion, recipes and many more. Its up to you what field you can share more. But there are still some essential things that you should learn upon starting.

You can monetize your blogs through Advertisements, Affiliates, Selling Digital Products, Online Courses and many other ways. In this you just have to sit in front of your PC while money pours in your account.

3. Online Bazaar or Online Selling

Does your room seems like no space now? Then it maybe full of your useless stuff.

Post online those stuff- clothes,accessories, appliances, toys, collections, etc., in which you were not using for over a year already. Better to earn from them rather than throwing it away anytime soon.You can post it online on your Facebook page and Online Shopping Sites.

You can also ask your friends or neighbors for their unused things, pay a little amount and sell it online.

4. Be an Online Tutor

You can teach everybody even you are not a teacher. Being an online tutor does not necessarily needs you to have a degree. You can teach anyone everything they want to learn. Most common is teaching different languages, grammar, reading, mathematics, online handy man, technical support, counselor, and even telling directions.You can build a Facebook Page or a website for your portfolio and better to have a video call/chat apps where you can talk them.

There were also Online Tutor Job that you can apply. Some company pays a very high hourly rate depending on the subject that you will be teaching.

5. Get Paid in Answering Surveys

Most companies needs to have a market research before launching a product. Some were doing this through a survey. And you can make money out of this. There are Online Survey Sites in which you just have to answer a survey and earn points or certain amounts depends on the length and weight of the surveys.

Most registrations are free – so don’t register on sites with pay. You can enroll up to 10 or more sites since some surveys will come very less in a month. Just make sure you are checking your email on a daily basis since they will be sending surveys in there ans so that you can answer it as soon as possible because most sites only needs at least 100 participants.

6. Online Freelancing or Mini Jobs

There are a lot of freelance jobs that you can find online. Some are to be Programmer, System Developer, Web Designer, Graphic Design, Data Encoder, Virtual Assistants and many other IT related jobs. Mostly comes into a project based agreement in which you will be paid based on the complexity of the job and the time frame that you can commit to finish. Others were also finding photographers, card makers, T-Shirt designers, logo makers.

If you are not a technical person, you can also do some Online Mini Jobs. There are sites or even apps that will pay you by just installing and playing games or applications, clicking on ads, testing websites and mini surveys.

7. E-Load Retail

You can be a load re-seller. Most people are using prepaid sim now. In this business no need for you have a big capital.You can start by having an individual e-load sim from network providers or all-in one loading sim from a third party seller.

You can earn up to 30% in this business, a percentage upon loading you e-load sim and also you can add up additional cost on top of the loaded amount.

When this grows big, you can open your own stall.

8. Selling Foods or Franchising Stalls

We’ll you would like to have an easy and fast money in your hands. Then, you do selling.

Everybody have stomach!So far food had been the best in demand products that consumer will surely grab. Try at first to bring food in your office, best if your own recipe – can be sweets, delicacies, or dishes. Let your colleagues to try and then offer them for orders of your menu. You need to let them pay cash though for you to still have extra capital for the next orders.

In franchising a bigger capital is needed, but if you want to take a risk then this is for you. Many businessman now a days were getting rich because of franchising. The best thing in this is there is already a system that you can copy to ensure that your business will prosper. Just choose an established company to franchise.

9. Part-time Jobs

If you want some physical labor, we’ll apply for another job – hourly basis though.

You can check online or bars, restaurants near you which accepted part-time workers. This is a bit tiring though since you already worked 8 hours from your daily job, plus another work hours to work after.

Your hobby and talents can also be used. You can offer to be on-call or part time singer, photographer, model, dancer, even a player. This just depends on you which engages you more.

Here you go guys!In all you do just make sure you’ll do it by heart so you will be inspired. And always hit some goals – whether its a savings, house, car, travel, things.This will be your drive to work hard.

10. Invest in Trading, Stock Market or Forex

This option is in my least part of the list because honestly I have  no concrete idea on how this works. But based on the articles that I have read, they involves  selling and buying. Mostly the goal for is to buy stocks in a lower price then being able to sell it into a higher price.

You can try everything actually – no one stopping you. They may just look simple but you’ll never know this may change your life. You have to put the determination to pursue your  goals. The choice is yours.


Behind The Kazhual Living


The Kazhual Living is a business and lifestyle blog which aims to inspire readers on finding ways and tips that they can apply to their daily living.

The main focus this website is to share the ideas based on authors experiences and recommendations in online and offline money making, learning how to save, developing one’s personality, travel experiences, food and dine,  fashion tips, physical fitness, love and relationship, and lastly with crafts and decor.

The website also contains affiliates that is personally recommended by the author.

The Start of My Journey

Hi all! I am Diana, this will be my very first post in my blog. So i got to tell you about my life story first.

I was not born to have a silver spoon in my mouth. My parents married early, my father is only 22 years old and my mother is 20 years old by the time my mother was pregnant with me. Both were just working in a Chinese owned printing press – where they met, and they even have not graduated from high school. My mother is just an elementary graduate while my father is a high school drop out. But I’m proud to say that they were able to sent me to college and finished my Bachelor’s Degree in Information Technology.

Now I am currently 26 years old, a 1990’s kid. Single. Currently working as a Planning Supervisor and a part-time businesswoman.

I have 3 more siblings – next to me my sister, an elementary teacher, then my brother who have been taking up his second course which is Bachelor of Science in Architecture, and our youngest who already graduated from her course this year which is Bachelor of Science in Hospitality Management.

Maybe some of you were curious how does a low graded parents sent us to school and let us finish our studies. It is not just luck. There is a secret that lies behind on how we do it. I’ll share it to you some other time.

I decided to start this blog because it has been my long time dream to write and inspire people. I may be a little late for my start – but its better late than never trying.

How I Started Blogging

Well, I have heard about blogging since my college days. But I just thought that blogging was only for those fashion, photography, cooking or travel enthusiast. I even got a WordPress, Tumblr and Blogger account since 2012 but I really did not use it for many years. Just recently when I open my Pinterest, my mind twisted big time.I have read a blog about blogging.

I have learned that through blogging you can open your ideas to the world. Almost everybody surfs the net and many people can see what you were writing. Since it has been my long time dream to write, I said Bingo! this will be the start.

And by blogging you will not just inspire and share your ideas to people. The very best thing is – you can earn big time by just staying at home or having your full time job. It eats up almost 50% of my will to start this blog since I’m so tired of working.And of course the 50% is my dream to write.

But like a little child, its not possible that we can walk immediately we need to undergo the process first.I have been doing self study on how to launch a successful blog. What are the things to consider, from the hosting, platform to use, legalities and also the topics that I will write.And the very bis aspect also the amount of money that I need to spend in my start.

So, be with my journey in the world of blogging. Hopefully you will enjoy and visit again this blog of mine for more stories,aspirations and learning.