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The Kazhual Living is a business and lifestyle blog which aims to inspire readers on finding ways and tips that they can apply to their daily living.

The main focus this website is to share the ideas based on authors experiences and recommendations in online and offline money making, learning how to save, developing one’s personality, travel experiences, food and dine, ¬†fashion tips, physical fitness, love and relationship, and lastly with crafts and decor.

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The Start of My Journey

Hi all! I am Diana, this will be my very first post in my blog. So i got to tell you about my life story first.

I was not born to have a silver spoon in my mouth. My parents married early, my father is only 22 years old and my mother is 20 years old by the time my mother was pregnant with me. Both were just working in a Chinese owned printing press – where they met, and they even have not graduated from high school. My mother is just an elementary graduate while my father is a high school drop out. But I’m proud to say that they were able to sent me to college and finished my Bachelor’s Degree in Information Technology.

Now I am currently 26 years old, a 1990’s kid. Single. Currently working as a Planning Supervisor and a part-time businesswoman.

I have 3 more siblings – next to me my sister, an elementary teacher, then my brother who have been taking up his second course which is Bachelor of Science in Architecture, and our youngest who already graduated from her course this year which is Bachelor of Science in Hospitality Management.

Maybe some of you were curious how does a low graded parents sent us to school and let us finish our studies. It is not just luck. There is a secret that lies behind on how we do it. I’ll share it to you some other time.

I decided to start this blog because it has been my long time dream to write and inspire people. I may be a little late for my start – but its better late than never trying.

How I Started Blogging

Well, I have heard about blogging since my college days. But I just thought that blogging was only for those fashion, photography, cooking or travel enthusiast. I even got a WordPress, Tumblr and Blogger account since 2012 but I really did not use it for many years. Just recently when I open my Pinterest, my mind twisted big time.I have read a blog about blogging.

I have learned that through blogging you can open your ideas to the world. Almost everybody surfs the net and many people can see what you were writing. Since it has been my long time dream to write, I said Bingo! this will be the start.

And by blogging you will not just inspire and share your ideas to people. The very best thing is – you can earn big time by just staying at home or having your full time job. It eats up almost 50% of my will to start this blog since I’m so tired of working.And of course the 50% is my dream to write.

But like a little child, its not possible that we can walk immediately we need to undergo the process first.I have been doing self study on how to launch a successful blog. What are the things to consider, from the hosting, platform to use, legalities and also the topics that I will write.And the very bis aspect also the amount of money that I need to spend in my start.

So, be with my journey in the world of blogging. Hopefully you will enjoy and visit again this blog of mine for more stories,aspirations and learning.