How To Start A Blog That Will Earn

Many have earned online through blogging. Blogging can help you have the life you wanted – follow your passion and love in writing, inspiring readers, giving ideas, having control of your time while earning.

Starting a Blog is not an easy thing to do. You will have to things first for you build a blog that will surely help you to change your  life. So I will you tips on what are the basic things that you need to know.

Make Sure You Know What Will You Be Doing

Starting a blog is not a very simple thing as other says. But nothing will be hard if you have knowledge on what you will be doing. Before I started The Kazhual Living I have subscribed and read a lot of article and blogs on what are the things that you need to consider before running a blog. You can also enroll in online course bloggers will teach beginners step by step on what you should be doing on your website. You can find free courses online and there are also paid courses.

Decide The Niche You Will Be Focusing

If someone needed to know anything they mostly go online to search. The niche/content of your blog mostly depends on your passion. Those topics you are very interested with and can share your ideas to readers. Every bloggers main purpose in writing is to help people provide what they need and wanted to know. Please help to consider that your blog should not be focusing on you but on your readers. You can also share your experiences of your journey, this will give them inspiration to pursue.

Study The Technical Part

Well, this is not totally a very difficult part. But if you are totally “zero” idea with how the online things goes then you must focus to study the technical part of your blogging life. This part includes the basic things that you should need to know and have:

  • Domain & Hosting – you can choose been a free hosting or a self-hosted blog. Personally I recommend you to start with a self-hosted blog since you will have all the access and the ownership. You can check below Top Domain and Hosting Sites Service Provider  to start with.
  • Blogging Platform – I highly recommend to use as a start-up. It is a user-friendly platform and there are varieties of theme choices. There are also some blogging platforms which mostly are free for you to try on.
  • Email List – of course when your blogging you need to have readers. And if you want to have a reader that comes back, then you need a mailing list. This is a service in which your readers can subscribe to your newsletter for you to have a continuous connection with them.
  • SEO – This is a very essential part of your website which helps your posts to be easily captured in search engines. If you have built a powerful SEO you have a bigger chance to build an audience which brings you earnings.

Decide What Will Be Your Income Stream

The very most important aspect in blogging if you want to earn is to build your income stream. Income streams comes in variety of choices, this depends upon you. You can use below as guides to decide on what will be your income stream that will create a passive income.

  • Advertising Sites
  • Direct Advertising
  • Affiliate Marketing
  • Sell a Product
  • Online Courses
  • Sponsored Posts and Review
  • Premium Content

You Should Have A Vision

Running a website is not an easy task, you have to devote your time and study the important aspects that you needed. In order to have inspirations to the massive workload, you should have a vision. A vision on where you want your blog to be in the future. Who are those readers that you want inspire.

This will help you to push yourself on pursuing to write your posts.

So, in general nothing will happen until you started it. Nothing in this world comes easy, so you must also open yourself to learn and unlearn the things that you need to know. You must visualize, actualize in order for it to be realized.